Addiction:  Voices of Hope Radio Program

Evthelight959ery Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm

This show is dedicated to those who suffer from addiction, live and love someone with addiction, or someone just looking for information to help a friend. This show gives all the information needed to be successful in recover, and prevention.


Wednesday, and Thursday, is dedicated to those in recovery telling their story. Parents or loved ones supporting, or have lost a loved one due to addiction. Foster care parents that have been, or adopted a child from Children Protective Services, Woman/Men that are survivors of Domestic Abuse that resulted from someone suffering from addiction.  Anti-Stigma guest with mental health issues. The list is endless.

True, unedited, and live description of their personal journey. When someone tells their journey, whether they know it or not, they may have just saved a life. It is so important to share stories of recovery, hardships, and concerns.


With the help of this website, we will provide countless organizations, people to talk to, live addiction stories,and the help needed for a recovery and prevention.

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