OSU Researchers: Brain Injury Common

Among Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence survivors commonly suffer repeated blows
to the head and strangulation, a trauma that has lasting effects
that should be widely recognized by advocates, health care
providers, law enforcement and others who are in a position to help, according to the authors of a new study. In the
a first community-based study of its kind, researchers from
The Ohio State University and the Ohio Domestic Violence
Network found that 81 percent of women who have been
abused at the hands of their partners and seek help have suffered a head injury and 83 percent have been strangled. The
research, published in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment
& Trauma suggests that brain injury caused by blows to the
head and by oxygen deprivation are likely ongoing health
issues for many domestic violence survivors.

June 2019 Issue of E-Update OHMAS