I have to realize there is more going on in the world than just addiction and mental health. Not only in my life, but in the life of those all around me. I listen to the people that I work with and the topics they are interested in, my clients and some of their issues, and some of the major issues that are impacting our families especially our kids. Addiction and mental are still a big part of my show, so don’t get me wrong and don’t run away. Let me give you some examples of some of the shows that I am working on. I will start with addiction and mental shows.

Let’s start with Addiction. There is an awesome new to our area comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment center. Their name is BrightView and I for one am so excited. They do everything that some other outpatient treatment centers don’t do. 

Mental health show would one week start with a Psychiatrist and the most common diagnosis which is bipolar and have the doctor completely explain what it is, symptoms, etc. then the following have someone on the show that has it and let them explain how it feels and what they go through having that diagnosis. The following week have a parent or a spouse explain what it is like to live with a person with that diagnosis. 

Domestic Violence and bring in the executive director and speak with her and then have a survivor in to talk about their experience. 

Bring in agency’s that such as homeless, children services, lawyers, judges, police officers, experts in the field of suicide that is from NJ. the sky is the limit. 


I will take suggestions on topics as well, so if you have a topic of interest, please let me know.