Mylon Mayle wanted chips. But his therapist told him he could have a healthier snack. He reportedly punched her, breaking her nose and causing a concussion.

Let’s talk about this before I post the rest of the story. Someone in my office brought up a great point. If this were a cancer patient, for example, this would never have made the news. Not only that, no one would have suggested they have an apple instead of the bag of chips. I used to work at Heartland. I loved working there, but I didn’t agree with everything like food. Most of the medication’s for mental health causes weight gain. Why, because you are more hungry. This means while they are in Heartland they want to eat more. They get their three meals a day and two snacks. The meals are preportioned and the daily caloric intake is 1700. Most of the people go in hungry, thin, may not have eaten in a day or more. I do understand most people that go into Heartland do not eat healthily and should get healthy foods. I do agree to this man was 100% wrong for hitting this woman for suggesting a healthy snack. What I am really talking about here is why did this make the paper? Why is this news? Because he has mental health issues?


CANTON A man on parole was jailed after he was accused of punching a therapeutic program worker who told him he could have an apple instead of the chips he wanted.

Mylon S. Mayle, 35, was arrested at 10 a.m. Monday in the 3000 block of Erie Street S on a misdemeanor assault charge and a parole violation, Stark County Jail records show.

The night before, he was at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare when, at snack time, he finished his snack and approached the worker, asking her if he could have more chips. When she told him he could have an apple instead, he punched her in the face so hard he broke her nose and caused a concussion, according to the jail records. READ MORE: