Why This Organization

The mission of the Addiction: Voices of Hope radio program is, with the help of diverse partnerships in addiction, recovery, prevention; to educate and give hope to the general population.    We also strive to eliminate the stigmas associated with addiction

To education and give hope to stark county and surrounding areas on addiction; and to live in a drug-free nation


  • Elimination of all stigmans related to addictions and mental health issues, by educating the public.
  • Educating and bringing awareness to teens ont he dangers of all drugs and alchol..providing teens with tools they can use, and a safe, drug free environment to live in.
  • To create and s upport partnerships which will improve the community’s hard work to educate; adn put into action, useful, valuabel studines and prevention strategies
  • Pprovide a website where the public can easily access information and answers about addiction treatment


Thank you for a wonderful page. Thank you for inspiring others and congrats on your 4 years!! Love ya girl!!!
Janetta Martin, Facebook Friend
I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like mirror and they reflect happiness.
Drew Barrymore, Actor
Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period.!
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